Getjar Ltd is a family run company run with family values, it is with these values in mind that the company conducts itself. The family members who form the Board of Directors, have a hands on role in the daily operations of the company and its business.

Established in 1980 Getjar Ltd is a family owned company and family run, it has enjoyed continued success and growth within its specialist field of Groundworks and Re-inforced Concrete Frames across the south of England. Getjar Ltd is able to offer the complete service from pre-tender budgets and advice to advanced value engineering, programming and methodology advice. This is a service that our clients find really advantageous in helping them secure their own work and retain satisfied custom, and is demonstrated by 90% of projects executed being repeat business.

With the support of the Masterson Holdings Group, with a turnover in excess of 140million per annum, Getjar Ltd has become one of the leading companies within its sector.


Our latest audited accounts show a cash positive balance with no borrowings, overdrafts, lease or hire purchase agreements or any other financial instruments.

Getjar is part of the financially strong Masterson Holdings Group of Companies. Over the last 30 years, The Masterson Holdings Group has evolved at a steady and a controlled rate, re-investing its financial gains back into the group to provide a financially strong and secure operation. The group consists of three divisions: Groundwork’s and reinforced concrete frames – Turnover circa 140m. 1st and 2nd fix joinery specialist – turnover circa 35m. Plant Hire – turnover circa 10m. The ethos of the group is to take as much care with its finances as it does with its concrete and joinery projects, thus providing its clients with the peace of mind that we are at all times able to deliver.

The growth in turnover shown in the graph indicates the continuous strengthening of the groups’ balance sheet, liquidity and financial strength. We have also been awarded Low Risk Status by HMRC, which is a testament to the companies considered growth strategy, financial care and secure client base.