• Contractor – BAM Construction

  • Architect – AHMM

  • Structural Engineer – AKT

  • Value – £7M

  • Contract Period –  104 Weeks

  • Details – The Angel Building was the regeneration of an existing office, comprising an entirely exposed concrete Entrance Hall & Atrium Structure which was traditionally formed using bespoke formwork & Self Compacting Concrete. Formwork panels were made to measure & were double faced with the form face rear fixed to ensure that no blemishes from nails, screws or pins were apparent.
    The new internal Atrium provides a 3 dimensional grid of columns, walls & beams culminating at Roof Level with a series of 1800mm deep coffered light boxes giving a dramatic & heavy lid to the light filled atrium. Following extensive trials & the construction of numerous sample panels; over 1,700m³ of Self Compacting Concrete was used to provide an enhanced finish over & above that typically found with standard mixes.
    Throughout the whole of the project; no making good was allowed to the “as-struck” surface of the concrete, with the end result being a visually stunning light-filled Atrium.