• Contractor – BAM Construction

  • Architect – Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands

  • Structural Engineer – Adams Kara Taylor

  • Value – £2M

  • Contract Period –

  • Details – The Jewish Community Centre project is funded by Jewish Community Centre Ventures, an organisation which has built thousands of Centre’s around the world to act as a hub for the local Jewish Community. This project, which is located on the Finchely Road, consists of two disctinct parts, a community centre and a block of residential flats.

    We worked very closely with Hanson Concrete Supplies to develop a one off mix design which gave the required colour while being free of surface defects. The end result was a highly durable mix which arrived on site in a good condition every time, which coupled with an intense Quality Assurance regime led to a high quality of finish to the concrete every time upon striking. The end mix has since been championed by Hanson for other projects requiring a high class finish. The increased use of admixtures instead of water also meant that the concrete did not require vibrating, as all other traditional mixes do, which lessened the risk of achieving lower quality concrete as any element of human error was removed from the process.